Thursday, November 30, 2006

Potty Training VIDEO! =D

Tsk...Lots of posts today...BY RIN! xD So here is the potty training video! *oohs and ahhs* the only reason I put it up, is cause of the little dancing poo....LOL! xD

If food was this cute, I'd play with it all the time! X3

Okay, *laughs* I apologize for this, but it's so cuteeee! ;3 I love the little dance! Look for the guy in the upper right corner, he shows us how to do the dance! *dances with litte meat pudgies* XD
I hope you enjoy this! *.*

~*Ani-Pock Forums*~

Hello Rin again and I thought I'd feature the Ani-Pock Forums. Until recently, I didn't realize that Ani-Pock had it's own forums...and I was wondering if others maybe didn't know about it either, so I thought I'd check it out. There are some great topics on the forums board, but it seems to be lacking members. Sometimes people like to just come on to chat about anime and the forums are a great place for it, and of course it has other topics too about avatars and just general subjects. I'd like to see the forums evolve, but it needs all of you! So give the Ani-Forums a chance or just take a look and make sure to say hi to Hullo! She's on there a lot.

Click here to go to the forums


Commercial!!!~~~ Don't worry it's subbed!

Hi everyone, it's Rin! I came across this on youtube and thought it was one of the funniest commercials I've seen in awhile. So, I decided I'd be nice and share it with you.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Japanese TV: Pizza Toppings Dance

(Via TVinJapan) This is how you personify the feeling of those that are asked to take part in pizza. Through animation. Dancing, singing animation. And a twisty, yeasty ending. On TV. In Japan.

Japan Enveloped by Huge Cloud!

Pocky here! Been busy these past days, but heres my post! (Thanks to Kip and Meyume for keeping the blog going!)

(Via Stippy) A 3000 kilometer long dark cloud has enveloped Japan. It appears to have been completely missed by the experts, and we are concerned not to have once seen warnings on the weather reports. It seems to have gone completely unnoticed and yet is having a profound effect on the entire country. It has been detected recently by many of us at stippy, and after further investigation, is being widely referred to as the “Taihen Cloud”.

Read more! >>

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ANN Feed Tells You What Is Happening in the World of Anime.

If you haven't checked out the new Anime News Network feed, give it a click!
Take a look at this Pocky-related article that came in just yesterday!

Look at 'em holding the little Pockys. Kawaii!

Also, in Japanese... er... goods/lingerie news, a company has produced a bra that converts into a shopping bag. Or is it the other way around?

I didn't find anything too risque in this video, but be aware there is a lingerie model. Watch at your own risk! XD
View the video here.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ultra Post! >=D

Meyume present! n_n

Ultraman (ウルトラマン) also known as Urutoraman is a fictional japanese superhero featured in tokusatsu (special effects) television programs. Produced by Tsuburaya Productions, the show was broadcasted on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) on July 17, 1966 until April 9, 1967, having a total of 39 episodes (unless you count the one pre-premiere special that was aired July 10, 1966). Although Ultraman was the first series to have an Ultra-being as the main character, it is actually the second Ultra Series. Ultra Q was the first. Over the years, Ultraman has created thousands upon thousands of fans as well as imitators. Even now, there are numerous sequels and remakes, still popular today.

Heres the story:

In the near future, sinister aliens and giant prehistoric monsters threaten civilization! The only one equipped to handle these disasters is the Science Patrol, a special police force with high-tech weapons and vehicles at their disposal. Led by Captain "Cap" Muramatsu, the Science Patrol is ready to protect the Earth from the ravaging monsters. But when the situation becomes desperate, Hayata, one of the Patrol's members holds the key to our salvation. Fate has given Hayata the ability to secretly transform into an amazing, superpowered giant from space. A being known as Ultraman!

After becoming so popular as a show, obviously they would want to spread the fun, so now your able to find Ultraman toys, backpacks, clothing, and so much more. For the toys, there is a large variety of different characters that had been aired through out the show (hundreds), as well as different versions of Ultraman, Mother of Ultra, other main characters, and monsters.

Since I can't access from a LAUSD (LosAngelesUnifiedSchoolDistrict) computer to see some videos, you'll have to seach it yourself. XD

Want to take a look at the toys?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sticky: Vote for Ani-Pock Please!

Vote Here:
Vote at Anime-Links!

Anime Kip is Watching: Uninhabited Planet Survival

Alright, just so that you don't have to stare at Vince Vaughn any longer (or is it he that stares at you? ~_< )I thought I would talk about an anime I caught recently.

NHK's Uninhabited Planet Survival (Mujin Wakusei Survive) takes place in the 22nd century, where casual trips to other planets, living in space colonies, and having a robotic pet or two, are all in the norm.

Luna, the lead character in this anime, has just begun her first day at her new school. In her first class the teacher proclaims that the class will be taking an interplanetary field trip to a planet being prepared to terraform.

When the ship carrying Luna and several of her classmates encounters a gravity storm, the entire ship heads to the onboard escape pods (just in case).

Luna's pod accidentally gets disengaged from the ship and they soon crash land on...

See episode one (part one of three) here, from YouTube:

All in all it has some unforgettable characters, reallllly good cliffhangers, and a great message at the end. It's sort of like LOST meets... Lost in Space XD. I recommend it to all of Ani-Pock!

The Wachowskis and Vaughn, it Might Just Work!

After years of development, a Speed Racer (Mach GO GO GO) movie looks like it will be a go. Directing the live-action movie will be the Wachowski brothers and Joel Silver of the Matrix and V for Vendetta fame. They say that they want to put their own little spin on the movie before it gets released, so that it's not quite like the classic sixties era TV show it is based off of.

Rumors are flying that Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers) will be donning Speed's helmet and driving the famed "Mach Five", but IGN reports that he will more than likely take a back seat roll in the film, as Speed Racer's big bro possibly (AKA, "Racer X").

The movie is projected to be released in summer of 2008.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ani-Pock Podcast Episode 008

Ep 008: "Happy Turkey Day"

Episode 8 is here! Today I am joined by Meyume !

In this episode: What are you thankful for? (Ani-Pock related), the donut video (Mr.Donut commercial), Japanese male clothing (Fundoshi), chickens can fly (Meyume's), Vote for Ani-Pock (Top 50 Anime links)

Running time: 15:50
Intro/Outro by Kip

Well what are you waiting for, click the pink play button to listen, or right click here and choose save as)

Listen to all the previous shows here !

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mr. Donunt Commercial

(via tvinjapan) This is awfully cute. However, I do wonder what it means psychologically when the one donut eats the part of the other donut that donut has so graciously offered up to help get the first donut out of it’s terror state.


Lucy says... RECYCLE. D: <

NHK's Reduce Reuse Recycle TV commercial (on Japan's public broadcaster)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Japanese TV commercial: Fibe-Mini Drink + School girl

(Via tvinjapan) This is how you sell a Fiber drink. By getting a cute school girl. Who must harness the very essence of Fibe-Mini to power her way past what very well might be diseased human organs. Or something. On TV. In Japan.

This Day in Gaming, November 21st

(Via Kotaku): In 1990, Nintendo releases the SNES in Japan.

They go on to sell 49 million units worldwide, a number that was certainly aided by Super Mario World, which also made its debut today. I still remember reading an old Nintendo Power when the development team admitted they'd wanted a dinosaur since Super Mario Bros., but couldn't pull it off properly with the hardware.

If I could only play one game on one system for the rest of my life, it would be Super Mario World on the SNES. But no one cares about me, what are your great SNES moments??

Full story here >>

Gabbly chat server down

Hi all,

Thank you to those that wrote in to tell me that the chat isn't working. I've contacted Gabbly, and in the mean time put up the back up chat system. If you still see the non-working gabbly window, you need to quit and reopen your browser. (or empty your cache). If that doesn't work, just restart your computer please!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Ani-Pock Podcast Episode 007

Ep 007: "Let's hear a Wolfie call"

Episode 7 is here! Today we are joined by Ichigo, Wolfie and Lucy (via Ichigo) !

In this episode: New Ani-Pock feature (Banner and Japan News), Lucy is great (Isn't she?), USB slipper warmers, and Polish (Sounds like French @_@)!

Running time: 13:54
**Thanks to KIP for making the new Intro/Outro!!**

Well what are you waiting for, click the pink play button to listen, or right click here and choose save as)

Listen to all the previous shows here !

Sunday, November 19, 2006

NEWTYPE Magazine Releases Details About Anno's Live-Action EVA.

Hello! Kip here. Wow, the blog stories have been flowing in this week.
How 'bout some news on the anime front?

NEWTYPE Japan just released some details about the live-action Evangelion movie due out in Japan next year. There will be some changes in the story as some new characters will be added. The NERV and SEELE logos will also change ( :o ) and Hideki Anno, Mr. Evangelion himself, promises more computer generated EVA action!

The first movie is expected to be a remake of several EVA episodes, while the other three additional movies are expected to be original stories (possibly 'AD'-like). More info here.

In other news, Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu armbands will be for sale coming in December!

Next week: Vince Vaughn may have a part in the live-action Speed Racer movie.

New Ani-Pock Feature: Instant Japan News!

Hey all! As part of the recent upgrades to the site, a new feature has been added right below the Gabbly chat!

In the box you'll find the latest Japanese news. The box updates with new content as the news happens. Just click on a headline, and a short summary will be shown.

If you want to see the full article, you can then click on the headline again.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Multimedia entertainment system on your wrist

(Via japundit) Japan’s Thanko, Inc. has come up with another great new product that’s enough to make Dick Tracy green with envy.

The new MP4 watch packs an MP4 player, a music player, a digital watch, a voice recorder, and a 1.5-inch full-color 128 x 128-pixel screen into a compact device you wear on your wrist.

Price: $125US for the 1GB model or $159 for the 2GB model

More specs >>

First Official US Nintendo Wii Commerical

Here is the first Nintendo Wii commerical for the US!

You can see a longer version here >>

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Meyume Here! n_n

Alright, so we known about general fashion and clothing in the area that we live. But what about other countries? Since Ani-Pock revolves around Japan and Japanese Culture, I thought that we could all take a look back at original male... well, undergarments. Basically, this clothing piece is called a Fundoshi, a Japanese male loincloth made from a piece of cloth and a shaku, which it sorta like a cotton rope (in one sense). The fundoshi was used by both rich and poor, and was the most basic piece of male clothing across the nation, that is, until the Second World War, when elastic American underpants had become more popular.

Please, keep in mind that although the pictures do not show anything inappropriate, it tends to show some skin. So if you don’t want to look or if your parents say "NO". Then don’t click! XD

Click to see how to put it on!

Hello Kitty Digital Camera

(Via FarEastGizmos):
For all Hello Kitty fans KEF Japan has launched hello jetty digital camera. The new Hello Kitty digital camera packs 5.0 megapixels of image resolution and a 4x digital zoom lens (39mm F2.8) into an extremely easy-to-use digital camera. The large 2 inch TFT LCD screen makes it easy to view movies and share the action without needing to use a TV screen.

More details on the camera here!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Japanese Apple Mac 'Get a Mac' CM (Commericials)

Apple Japan is remaking the TV ads some of us see in the States, where one guy is the "PC" and the other is the "Mac". Here is one of the Japanese ones subtitled! I'l post more later.

Here are all the English/USA versions >>

Online Beginner's Japanese.

Sakura here!!

Wanna learn Japanese? Well,I did, so I searched japanese on,and it gave me a complete 14 lessons!! I worked on the, and it sortof showed me all the basics to Japanese! So it was really cool!!

Start learning Japanese now! >>

Ani-Pock Art Gallery Breaks 400 Drawings!!

The Ani-Pock Art Gallery broke the 400 marker sometime last week. As of now, there are 408 drawings total.

Thank you for sending them all in everyone! This is really a milestone to congratulate all the artists on Ani-Pock!

The 400th image was drawn by Meyume:

Free Image Hosting at
Jump to the Gallery now to look at the rest!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Japanese USB Slipper warmers

These new USB slippers from Japan ($33.17 US) simply plugin to a free USB port, and warm your feet!

The shoes are washable too.

The seller says:

It is important to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, if your feet get cold, you may loose concentration and also it influences your total physical condition.
Product page >>

Monday, November 13, 2006

Direct Download Anime: Futakoi Episodes 1-5

Plot Summary: With his mother dead and his father working abroad, Futami Nozomu returns to the town where he lived as a child, to attend high school and work part-time at a local shrine. He soon finds himself caught up in a local legend of twin girls loving the same man. And there are many twin girls in this town.... (Anime News Network)

If you have problems playing the files on your computer, download the free VLC media player which plays virtually all video files.

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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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Disposable Chopstick Economics

(Via Japan consumes a massive 25 billion sets of them every year - about 200 pairs per person. Earlier this year, in a move that was cheered by environmentalists, China’s latest 5 year plan slapped a 5 percent tax on their chopstick exports over concerns of deforestation.
Full article >>

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Direct Download Anime: Black Cat Episodes 1-5

Plot Summary: Train Heartnet is known as the Black Cat for his quick reactions to attacks and his title as Number Thirteen as member of the secret society Chronos. He is an unbeatable master gunman, a cold and unfeeling killer until he meets Saya, a bounty hunter, or "sweeper". She teaches him the value of a human life, and that one should live in order to repent for one's mistakes rather than die because of them. (Anime News Network)

If you have problems playing the files on your computer, download the free VLC media player which plays virtually all video files.

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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Japanese students create unique beetle car

(Mainichi Daily News) ASAKUCHI, Okayama -- Students from Okayama Sanyo High School's automobile technology department have successfully produced a car in the shape of a "Dynastes hercules," the world's biggest beetle species inhabiting South America.

Full story here.

Interactive News Site

Meyume here!! is a new interactive Japan to English website that brings the most recent news over to those who visit on a day to day basis. When traveling through this website, you can emmerse yourself through the studies of Japan and the Japanese culture (teaching seperate catagories of History, Geography, Culture, and Language).

Not only can you learn, but you can interact with others, play games, listen to J-Radio,watch Japanese television, and maybe win a free prize!

Although, since the website gets a large ammount of visitors on a daily basis, they bave been upgrading the servers. So as the webmasters have stated,"Jappeng's popularity was to much for the servers -Upgrading- Returning Thursday, Friday, or Saturday."

Click here to check it out! "Only in Japan" Series - Where's Your Helmet?

Direct Download Anime: Grenadier - Hohoemi no Senshi Episodes 1-5

Plot Summary: Rushuna is a blonde and very beautiful Senshi (gun expert) that travels through the world with one purpose. This is to make the world a peaceful place by instead of fighting with weapons, taking away the people´s will to fight by giving them a smile. Although she doesn´t want to fight, she is forced too and shows amazing gun skills. In this journey she meets Yajiro, a Mercenary that uses a sword to fight and joins her on her journey. (Anime News Network)

If you have problems playing the files on your computer, download the free VLC media player which plays virtually all video files.

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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Direct Download Anime: Ouran High School Host Club Episodes 1-5


Plot Summary: Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at exclusive Ouran High School, where it turns out that the bespectacled, short-haired Haruhi is the only student from a lower-middle class family in attendance. Then, to make matters worse, one day she breaks an $80,000 vase that belongs to one of the campus clubs: a mysterious outfit called the "Host Club," consisting of six super-rich (and gorgeous) guys.... (Anime News Network)
If you have problems playing the files on your computer, download the free VLC media player which plays virtually all video files.

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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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Most Popular Baby Names of 2005 in Japan

Here is the list of the most popular baby names of 2005 (in Japan). The names are ranked by popularity with the most common pronunciation listed first (where applicable). Most kanji have several different readings, therefore the name can be read in several different ways.
Click to see them all! (1-10)

Batteries powered by water

A Japanese inventor unveils what he calls the "next generation of eco-friendly energy sources" - batteries powered by water.

Susumu Suzuki, the president of Tokyo-based building material maker TSC (Total System Conductor), has invented water-powered batteries, which have an electric current as powerful as that of a standard manganese dioxide battery.
Click to watch video!

Ninja Consultant Radio Show Ep 33 Posted

Ninja Consultant episode #33 is now online. Just click on the pink play button right above the Gabbly chat.

You'll hear the latest episode of Ninja Consultant- a podcast about anime, manga and ninjas. It'll stream right in the window, so you can chat and enjoy the show.

In this episode: "anime convetions, Dark Horse, MangaNext"

Ani-Pock using a new Server!

Hello all!

This morning I moved all the Ani-Pock files off of my school server (kinda slow) to a much faster one in California!

If you are using the new server, you should see a small message in the top left corner.

If you don't see this message, quit and reopen your browser, or restart your computer.

PS- let me know if you find any broken links! In the process of moving 158 items, I may need to update some links! Thanks! -Pocky

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sakura Asks!

Hey! Tis' Sakura. Since I am Completely unable to make a proper post,with all the pictures and shzamness,I thought I would ask you a question.

How Did YOU find Ani-pock?

Japanese "Orange Balls"

(Via BoingBoing)
Orange balls are the ubiquitous anti-crime tool in Japan used for stopping all sorts of criminals in their tracks, well almost… They are, orange balls, filled with a thick florescent ink that glows in the dark, and has a strong smell. Police dogs in Japan are actually trained to be able to track this particular odour (said to be similar to rotting pineapples), and are taught that it is the smell of a criminal.

New section: Ani-Pock Friends!

Remember all those "Cast of Ani-Pock" pictures members sent in? Well now they all have a home!

If you look at the top of your screen now, you should see a new section: "Friends".

There you can check out all the past and future submissions, and comment on them! Instructions for how to send new ones are also on the page.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ani-Pock Members November Update

The Members page, which contains a monthly updated list of Ani-Pock users, is being updated for November.

Please go to the members page and add a new quote for November. If you are not yet on the list, there are instructions on the page for how to be added.

To access the members page, click "Members" in the Ani-Pock Network Browser at the top of your screen.

Monday, November 06, 2006

How to take a class picture (Japanese Style)

Watch this complicated rube goldberg (domino like) machine built to take a class picture! Featured on this morning’s “Mezamashi TV” (via Japan Probe)

Princess Monoke FULL MOVIE!

Hey! Someone uploaded the entire Princess Monoke movie! This is a Hayao Miyazaki classic!
"Roger Ebert soon placed the movie sixth on his top ten movies of 1999 [1]. Mononoke also became the highest grossing movie in Japan until Titanic took over the spot several months later. Overall, Mononoke is the third most popular anime movie in Japan, next to 2001's Spirited Away and 2004's Howl's Moving Castle, both also by Miyazaki."

Running time is : 2 hr 13 min 23 sec

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chocolate Sushi!


"KookiSushi: fetishistically accurate replicas of sushi, executed in fine chocolate, including green-tea "wasabi" and chocolate soy sauce."

Check out the different kinds here!

Japan’s top thirty emoticons

Pocky here!
I came across this list of Japan's "Top 30 Emoticons".

The ones I use the most often (XD, ^_^, and -_-) aren't in there! But they do have similar ones.

See if you can figure out number 14.

Click here to see all 30!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Bunny Letter Opener

The rabbits name is Toto!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ten ten ten...

Hey Pockers. Kip here. How was Halloween? Still buzzing from all that sugar I hope!

This is a little something from Japan's Downtown's Gaki No Tsukai Ya Arahende!! TV show.

I won't say much about this video except for:
1. This takes place in an 'English class'.
2. Don't laugh!

Simple enough, right?

Lots more cool stuff here!! Continue browsing...

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