Wednesday, January 31, 2007


KAT-TUN is a male j-pop band, which me and my friends (espically Sakura and Jai-chan) are in love with. =O
I've been immersed in this band, so I like it, but not in love with it. X3
Members are:
Kamenashi Kazuya

Akanishi Jin
Taguchi Junnosuke
Tanaka Koki
Ueda Tatsuya
Nakamaru Yuichi

Don't ask me who's who, cause I have noooooooo clue! =D

Japenese TV: Things in Super Slow Motion!

(Via TVinJapan): Includes: "shrimp jumping, jenga-esque wood knocking, magician table cloth pulling, wet dog shaking, up close dog barking, card sharking and face fat shaking."



Tuesday, January 30, 2007


In Japan, you use more than one writing system, which are Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, and Rōmaji. Although all are extremely interesting, I tend to bend more towards Hiragana. But that’s only cause I liked the writing style, and it seems to be the easiest version of writing for me to use. =3

Hiragana was from Chinese characters (which is shown in the graph below), and was originally called onnade, or “woman’s hand” as used normally by women, while men wrote in Kanji or Katakana. By the 1900’s everyone used Hiragana, and is called "ordinary syllabic script".
In each column the rōmaji appears on the left, the hiragana symbols in the middle and the kanji from which they developed on the right.

So, I found this website where you can look at the alphabet and how the different characters are written! But its not only for Japanese, it’s for many, many, many more languages out there. So take a look around and I hope you enjoy! n_n

More Japanese?

Also, get your name in Katakana!

Caption Contest: Full Japanese Train

Submit a caption to this in the comments section.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I get bored sometimes...>> XD

Hiyo!~ Rin here. Okies, so I am not so sure about the quality of this, but I have been fighting my computer all weekend equipped with a..a..SPORK because it's been giving me trouble. T~T Anyway, I have quite a collection of wallpapers on my computer at home and I got a brilliant idea to do a slideshow of the Ani-Pock girls. I don't think I got every girl from here in the slideshow, but I included everyone I knew, at least I think I did. ^^; Forgive me if the pictures seem pixelated, they looked awesome before they were uploaded. XD There are 28 girls featured in this slideshow. <33333>

Watch it on Google Video for better resolution: To see me more shiny! Just make sure on the video toolbar to select viewing options in the original size otherwise you're all fuzzy. >XD

Ani-Pock Voice Message Center

I'm testing out a new service to deliver a voice mail center function! You may leave a message up to 2 minutes long. Please test it out:

Update: This system is for the community. You can use it to leave a message for a friend on Ani-Pock. Since we can all access the messages, feel free to do shout outs and so on. This is not "Pocky's Voice Mail" This is everyones! Enjoy!

Note: After you record the message and it uploads, you will have to wait for it to be approved. (I will be notified via email).

Update2: This is going to be permanent! I'll stick it under the Gabbly chat or something so have fun!

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ED SUPER COMBO VERSION 2

Hey all, so remember that video in the last podcast? (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Ending)? Well I love the song so much that I went on YouTube and collected all the different versions and made a 6 in 1 picture in picture version!! Please watch! (Click picture)

Direct link to HQ version: here [NOTE: Click on the Download Video link on that page to get 640X480 version!!!]

YouTube Version: here

Update: Its climbing the YouTube most viewed page!!! 6,097 views so far!!
Update2: Here are some more live versions I found:
Cosplay Version
Idol Version
Gundam Version
Hardo Gay Version
Learn the dance here!!

To link to this post right click and copy here.

Ranma 1/2 -----> DoCo

So, this manga, called Ranma 1/2 was made by Rumiko Takahashi (well known for later creating 'Inuyasha,' later on), and was an instant hit. Soon enough, it was made into an anime!

The main male character, Ranma, was previously engaged to Akane, the main female character. When doused with cold water, Ranma turns into a girl, and the opposite effect with hot water (he was origionally male). So, its this great, yet, extremly odd story, and while the manga is great with artwork, the anime is a bit different. =/
Also, as Pocky likes to think, since this anime/manga is old, its no good. >=O

Anyway, since the book and the show were a hit, the main female voice acters began to sing, creating the Ranma 1/2 band, DoCo. <---- They dont form a band in the book nor the show, its just an add on for entertainment.

Singers (for character names):
Ranma [girl version, red hair]
Akane [short, poofy-ish blue-black hair]
Kasumi [long hair tied back loosly]
Nabiki [short, straight brown hair]
Shampoo [long blue-purple hair]

Enjoy! I really like the singing, and the art is alright. =3

By the way, Kasumi (oldest), Nabiki (mid.), and Akane (youngest) are sisters. =O

Ani-Pock Podcast Episode 012

Ep 012: "Hot Flash*"

Episode 12 is here!

Today's topics: LOTS OF RANDOMNESS! Including the special Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ED (Ending)

Hosts: Pocky, Chikyuu, Meyume

Running time: 33:41
Intro/Outro by Kip

Well what are you waiting for, click the pink play button to listen, or right click here and choose save as)

Listen to all the previous shows in the archive.

* We might of agreed during the show to name the episode something else but I am too lazy to find it ^^;

Here is the video we mentioned:(The Special Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ED (Ending)

Mario Speed Run *PERFECT JUMPS*

This is a Speed Run through level 8 on the original NES Mario. Its amazing how ALL the jumps are timed perfectly so that Mario doesn't have to stop running ever!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Litte Mermaid Japaense

Its the "Under the Sea" song from the Little Mermaid (Disney) in Japanese! From some soft of video game.

Awesome Japanese Alarm Clock!

This sure beats the buzzing and repetitive melody I wake up to every day. Get me one Kami please?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Miss Nippon contest 2007

(Via Mainchi news): "Third time's a charm" proved true for 23-year-old university post-graduate student Mika Hagi on Monday, as she was selected as the winner of the 2007 Miss Nippon Contest following two previous unsuccessful attempts.

Hagi was selected as the winner of the contest in an event at a hotel in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The 23-year-old had previously applied for the contest when she was at high school and university, and this year marked her third attempt.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ani-Pock Podcast Episode 011

Ep 011: "Not Blue Enough"

Episode 11 is here!

Today's topics: Introductions, Rin's Ani-Pock Mascot contest, First American Independent Anime Awards, New Artist Board 2, Ani-Pock background, Hullo, trying to call Kami and more!

Hosts: Pocky, Kip, Rin, Moonlight

Running time: 16:10
Intro/Outro by Kip

Well what are you waiting for, click the pink play button to listen, or right click here and choose save as)

Listen to all the previous shows in the archive.

First American Independent Anime Awards (Part 2)

Anime in film nominations was a flop this year even at award shows dedicated to animation excellence. Fullmetal Alchemist's The Conqurer of Shamballa and the stunning Satoshi Kon "indie", PAPRIKA (which comes to American theatres on May 25), all mananged to dodge some worthy awards. New York Comic Con's new anime award showcase may change that trend.

The nomination panels for the award will be hosted by primarily independent representatives from different fields of anime media, which is unlike the similar SPJA (Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation) Industry Awards held at Anime Expo which will involve similar categories of nominees, but is instead voted upon by its attendees.

Anime News Network reports that, "[a]wards will be given out in numerous categories, including Best Anime Feature (or OAV), Best Short Series, Best Long Series, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best DVD Package design, etc..."

Here is a link to one of the first Anime News Network articles concerning the award. This may be new news to you depending on whether or not you have been reading the ANN feed.

This article causes me to raise some questions:
Does Japanese animation derserve its own award program from a non-indigenous country?
Does it belong competing with other non-anime programs on American film, etc?
Should the anime industry take part in every opportunity afforded to it to gain popular media recognition?
Or myabe you don't give a care about the American media industry anyway...

(Note: Although that may not be what the award will look like, Kip still likes to imagine it will be a large, solid-gold Gundam.)

~Ani-Pock Mascot Contest~

Hiyo!~ Minna-San! As it a new year and Ani-Pock is still growing and undergoing recent make-overs (background changes) I thought it would be perfect to design your own Ani-Pock Mascot! Exciting ne? So, here is how this is going to work:

Submission date is by March 17!
Ani-Pock Mascot Drawing Rules:

1.) It HAS to be your own creation. Inspiration is encouraged, but no stealing! We don't want to infringe on copyrighted material.

2.) You have to include Pocky in your picture, and I don't exactly mean Pocky-San. ^^; Unless, you really want Pocky-San in it. >XD

3.) Try to keep your mascot to one or two characters.

4.) You can use any medium, but color is recommended.

5.) There are no size requirements.

6.) Email entries to me at

**This is more about character design then it is of skill. For those of you that have an idea for a mascot, but feel that you can't draw that well, ask someone to draw it for you and both of you will be recognized if your mascot is picked.**

Ani-Pock Mascot Judging Rules:

Pocky will select his 3 favorite submissions and put it out to the Ani-Pock community to vote on their favorite out of the 3 and that will become our new Ani-Pock Mascot. (Any submissions sent to me will be forwarded on to Pocky.)

**This contest will run for 2-3 weeks, but depending on submissions or requests for more time, this may be subject to change.**

Prizes are still being figured out, maybe Pocky has something in his stash of toys to put up for bid. XD

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or send me an email and have fun! I hope we'll get a lot of participation. There is a lot of talent here on Ani-Pock and it's all great in its own way!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Starwars done entirely in hands!

The Japanese have done it again! This is the last scene from Return of the Jedi done entirely using Hands! Done in Japanese art form (Bunraku) similar to the Ping Pong Matrix.

First American Independent Anime Awards (Part 1)

America is home to many varieties of awards celebrating everything in the media from journalism excellence, to music, to acting. Well, it's understandable considering that Hollywood is such a big powerhouse of entertainment for nearly all of the world. But what about an award for a certain foreign film or actor, namely one recognized in anime?

Usually these kinds of media are reserved to a specific category in an award show. Sometimes animes manage to slip in as nominees for an award with the more mainstream categories, Spirited Away and The Animatrix are some of the more recent examples nominated for best animated film.

But it appears that the awards showcase is about to open to all kinds of anime. The New York Comic Con has announced plans to host the first ever award ceremony for anime. That means that North America, at the very least, will have a good chance to scope what is hot this year in (more than likely) US licensed anime much like one does when a certain movie is nominated with an Oscar or Academy Award.

The awards will be held Saturday, February 24 in New York City. Results of the awards will be announced afterwards.

More on this tomorrow!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Japanese toilet paper

Oh man, you wish you had these!

Enlarge >>

Lego Neon Genesis Evangelion!

This was my first ever anime and my favorite. And now you can get them in legos!

More here >>

Awesome Anime Cars!

Okay well they are more like Anime-ed cars. Text is in Japanese, but lots of pictures with cars and anime printed on them for your enjoyement!

Link >>

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't forget about the Art Gallery!

Hey guys! Don't forget about the Art Gallery! It show cases all the hard work you guys have made here! Check out the art gallery now >>

Friday, January 19, 2007

~*Rose's Post*~

**Hello everyone, I apologize ahead of time for the topic of this post being non-related to the Japanese culture, or anime, but Rose really wanted to post pictures of snow on Ani-Pock. I would like to make a suggestion to Pocky, to have another picture section where people can post real time pictures that they want to show off. For instance, pictures of pet rocks >XD. Anyhow, although I am pretty sure now Rose has shown these pictures to everyone ^^; here they are:

**(Due to the size of the pictures I formatted them to fit in the window better)**

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Top 100 Anime characters

"This was put together from a survey taken among Animage readers." I vote for #37! Ayanami Rei! #4, 49, and 54. Whats your picks?

Enlarge >>

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stunning "high dynamic range" photo of the Tokyo skyline

(via BoingBoing): Here is a stunning "high dynamic range" photo of the Tokyo skyline. HDR photos merge several shots at different exposures to create a hyperreal color that has to be seen to be believed.
Enlarge >>

~*Cultural Ascension*~

Hi hi Minna! ^.^ 'Tis Rin as always, ^^ and today instead of sharing an AMV, I would like to share an American music video that follows I believe a Chinese theme. The band is called "30 Seconds from Mars" and the song is called "From Yesterday". Anyway, some background info on this group from what I know is that the lead singer Jared Leto used to be big into the acting scene, if those of you are old enough or have seen "My So-Called Life" with Claire Danes, then you'll recognize this guy easily, but wow has his image changed. Apparently Jared's brother is also in this band so it's kinda interesting to see an actor come out with some (imho) decent tunes. I'm pretty sure a lot of you have seen this, and at the same time I'd also wager that there's a good number who haven't, so enjoy it for what it's worth.

From Yesterday Lyrics

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Death Note Anime License = Death to Death Note! ;_;

Everyone I have some bad news. While surfing the web yesterday I discovered something about Death Note. According to some sources and pages I have surfed Death Note has been licensed. According to anime news network Viz has obtained the rights to the downloads of Death Note (subtitles) as well as DVD releases (Dubs). Guess this means its time for us to find another anime to view on ani-pock.

If you don't believe me about the license go here:
Death Note License

If you guys have issue with this complain to Viz not to me. Viz Contact Info and Form

Get a Wolfie T-Shirt!

Yes its true! This month you can own your very own 100% authentic Wolfie Shirt!! I found a place that makes custom shirts pretty for a low price.

The 'Wolfie Shirt' here, is just $10!

This is a limited edition shirt XD PERFECT FOR VALENTINES DAY!!

We hope to bring you more shirts in the future! Because, who doesn't want to see WolifeWear ? ^^

Jump to store >>

Monday, January 15, 2007

Reveal the Ani-Pock Community: Kami!!

Pocky here!! Thanks for the fun questions on the last episode. Today we are goign to continue Rin's game!

Our contestant today is: Kami!
[He is from Japan!!!]

So how do you play?
Here is a recap of Rin's rules!:
Every week a member is selected from the Ani-Pock Memberlist and it will be posted who that member is, then everyone else can comment under the post any questions that they want to ask about that member, but please keep in mind to keep the questions decent, undecent questions will be deleted.

So lets get to it! Ask Kami questions!!

Previous contestants: Pocky Moonlight Celley Rin Meta

Funny Japanese Prank

In this prank... hundreds of Japanese people wait at the end of a forked intersection. As a lone guy walks down the street, suddenly hundreds of people start running from out of view toward him! Just watch!

Mao Asada and a figure skating dog

(Via JapanProbe): This commercial for Aero snacks, featuring 16-year-old figure skating wonder Mao Asada, is currently airing on TV:

Learn the Eel Dance!

(Via TokyoMango): It's an exercise video dedicated to the Unagi Pie, that wonderful delicacy they sell at Tokyo Station in gift boxes. It's a wonderful series of plays-on-words using the word "Unagi." It's two cute Japanese girls doing funny moves.

Anime Kip is Watching: Kanon

Since my last post generated such a buzz, I thought I would mention another anime I am watching.

Kanon II or Kanon Remake is a second attempt at a 2003 TV series based on a popular dating-like sim released only in Japan.

The series derives its name from the musical piece Pachelbel's Canon in D. And like the song, at first the series is very unassuming, but soon evolves into a drama, or maybe I should say melodrama, of action and plot twists, and it quickly jumps right out of its initial genre and becomes something entirely different! The series is funnier than many series I've seen but sure packs a lot of serious moments.

If you watched the first Kanon you may enjoy this one. The series is extended from thirteen to fifty-two episodes and the animation has changed... a lot! The series still centers around Yuuichi, as he settles into a new high school in a town he used to often come to many years ago, and all the people he meets who may help him remember his clouded past in this town he just cannot remember.

The production company for this anime is the same as Air and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. In fact the main character not only looks like Kyon from Suzumiya, it is also the same voice actor and they have the same mannerisims. It kinda reminds me of Tsubasa, how it's like a cross-dimension of some of the characters from these various animes.

Don't worry about not finding this series on YouTube or elsewhere like Uninhabited Planet Survival, this series just started in Japan and each new episode arrives once a week. So far there are fifteen episodes translated and more are on the way!

Here is the 2002 series (ep. 1 pt. 1):

And the remake (ep. 1 pt. 1):


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Windows Cosplay

I'd like to say that the iMac/Apple pictures, are not actually from the products, but the fans, who like to take Windows ideas. =O

So, with that said, check out our support on windows side, with our

Click here, to find more pictures on the Windows Girls!

iPod nano girl!!

Just thought I'd bring another girl from the Apple world over to the fight... iPod nano girl(s) !

Enlarge >>

Friday, January 12, 2007

Windows Girl

For those who have a Windows, you know the casual opening theme of a light music; but in Japan, they have something more... well, appealing for those who tend to like the sort. A Teenlink or Celley kind of want? =O

Thought that Windows were bad, huh, Pocky? >=D

Update: Pocky writes... Lets not forget iMac girl!! ^_^

Update 3: Maybe, due to lack of clothing, the iMac girl is not suitable for Ani-Pock and its viewers? It is transparent! Tsk, tsk Pocky. Its bad for us! =O

Update2: Bems adds... Ubuntu-chan! (linux)

Who knew operating systems had anime representatives?

JTV: Cosplay event!

Here is a video from a Japaense TV station on a cosplay event! Some cosplayers: Deathn note, naruto, gundams. The second half of the video is all about the gundam constumes.(You read right Zaku!)

Wondering what the current background is?

If you do not have a wide monitor, you probably cannot see the current background image on Ani-Pock. Wonder no more! Here is what it looks like:

This background is not permanent. I'm still testing how to use images as backgrounds here ^^

New Hello Kitty products at CES 07

A gallery of new Hello Kitty products at the Consumer Electronics Association show in Las Vegas last week:Link >>

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Astro Boy

Hiiiiiiii, Meyume here!
Wanna know the first anime show to ever really make it in America? That would be Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom), which first aired in Septembet of 1963, thanks to NBC. Now, aster this, there came more, such as Speed Racer, and others that I dont want to focus on; so back to Astro Boy!

The show was based on the manga, Osamu Tezuka, and was an instant hit. The story depicts the future, where people and robots live together, head of the Ministry of Science, Dr. Tenma, created Astro Boy in a attempt to replace his son Tobio (mean, huh? ;_;), who had died in a car crash. Astro was created to take his place, but soon could not keep that image, due to the fact that he wouldnt grow. Astro has a great, kind personality, he is a bit immature and doesnt know whats good for him in the beggining, but he learns! n_n

Soon enough, he has super powers and great abilities, and is able to experience human emotions! Here are some of his abilites:
-Translate more than 60 languages
-Strength equivalent to 100,000 horsepower, allowing him to lift many times his own weight
-The ability to fly using jets in his legs (the manga also featured jets in his arms but they were not featured in the '60s anime),
-Magnification of his hearing up to 1000 times,
-Laser guns deployed at his "hips" (updated from machine-guns depicted in the original manga)
-An electro-heart that can discern people's criminal intentions,
-Bright eye-lamps to assist his vision.
In the more recent series Astro Boy was also given an arm cannon, lasers in his fingers, and additional jets in his arms. He fought crime, evil and injustice. Most of his enemies were robot-hating humans, robots gone berserk or aliens trying to invade the earth, and the series brought up issues like morality, responsibility, racism, prejudice, true heroism, and loss. A good show for the kids, no? n_n

There are 193 japanese episodes and one movie called "Hero of Space", and 104 english versions, maybe you should watch some? 'Tis good! =3
My favorite part of this all? His "hip" lasers!

Choose a background for Ani-Pock!

Hey all!

Yesh I'm alive. Back from a ski trip! Now looking at the site, I've decided its time to go away with the background that changes based on the time to either:

1) a solid color
2) pattern
3) wallpaper sized graphic or photo

So, please choose! You can post a link here to a wallpaper sized graphic or pick a color using this color picker.

Thanks! -Pocky


Hiya everyone! :3 'Tis Rin here and today I'd like to share with you my own AMV. *teh gasp* I know, exciting huh? Recently, I've been talking with a few about dreams, and although I have more anime, this anime seems to be the only one with all its codecs intact. Anyhow, the song I used is "Castles in the Sky" by the artist Ian Van Dahl and the anime featured is "Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar." If you haven't seen this anime and want to know more about it go here: TSFS Summary! Anyway, I put this together last night and I'm dedicating it to all the dreamers out there. :3 If only this song was longer, I had to cut so many shiny clips. T~T

*Rin's 2nd AMV represent!* "squees" I hope you enjoy this and makes you smile!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So after the Chinese Zodiac Poll it looks like there are a lot of Monkeys here! So congratulations to the 14, and 26 year olds, you have the most popular sign here! Runners up were the Horse, and Sheep signs. Also, I am looking to do another poll, so I am looking for suggestions! Leave your idea in a comment!


To see poll results: Then one fell off and bumped his head!

~*Lord of the Yen*~

Ah that lovely Azumanga Daioh bunch always getting themselves in trouble, but you haven't seen anything until you've seen them in this AMV. Azumanga Daioh has been teleported into Middle Earth, and well you'll see: *cackles* (Teenlink was the inspiration behind this post.) *laughs* I'm watching this as I am posting it, hahahhahaha! It's brilliant.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Chikyuu's Post!

Hiya everyone, Chikyuu sent me 4 AMVs that she wanted to share with you all: So here it is in her own words with the links.

Chibi Lovers!
1. Cute Japanese song for chibi lovers, and people who are high on sugar... ^^

Japanese David Bowie!
2. Cool Japanese Rock song that reminds me of David Bowie... Dunno why.... Oh well... ^^

Save me from Ani-Emo!
3. Very strong American Rock Song, good for punk peoples, and for uplifting when you are having an emo moment... and/or crazy people in demon form... >>;

(Animes, 1 and 2, Rozen Maiden. Number 3, Cowboy Bebop.)

4.)Last, but not Least by far!
(Song, Suppuration core, by KOTOKO) (Anime, Kannazuki no Miko)

I really liked the 4th one, if I remember correctly, but I promised Chikyuu I'd post these, so please enjoy them. At least this keeps Rin from searching for more AMV's although speaking of which I know 2 really good ones....*Rin's bunneh sidekick slaps her* I mean...I know nothing of AMV's. >XD (And yes I am crazy :3)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Japanese TV: Pacman LIVE ACTION!! ^^;

Saturday, January 06, 2007

RIP Momofuku Ando, inventor of instant ramen

(Via BoingBoing):Momofuku Ando, the man who invented instant ramen and founded Nissin Foods, died Friday of heart failure at 96 years of age. As any hungry cosmonaut or broke college student knows, his creation truly is a miracle food:

Ando was inspired to develop the instant noodle after coming upon a long line of people on a cold night shortly after World War II waiting to buy freshly made ramen at a black market food stall, according to Nissin. The experience convinced him that "Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat," it said.'

Link >>

Chest-pillow for Japanese gamers

(Via BoingBoing): The Game Dutch is a Japanese chest-pillow intended for heavy players of handheld consoles. You prop the bottom on your crossed ankles and rest your chin on the top, letting you look down at your tight-clenching hands for extended hours of supported gaming fun.

Link >>

Emoticon attachments for boring earbuds

(Via BoingBoing): $16 for a pair of four "emotibuds." ^_^

link >>

Thursday, January 04, 2007


(Hi all, this is Rin posting for Meyume and she has something very important that she needs helps with from all of us)...

"Ennnnnn... Everyone! =O

Meyume is going to be making a map (online) that you can tour though, but first, I need some help with different features you would like added to it (like an arcade, park, houses, etc.). I have ideas of my own, but this is for all of you, and I can only make this once (not adding anything on afterwards), so please give me your opinions and your wants! =D

You can either email me ( or you can leave a snazzy comment here!
Thank you to everyone who shares an idea!"

Ani-Pock Members List January 07 Update

Happy New Year all!! The Members page, which contains a monthly updated list of Ani-Pock users, is being updated for January now!

Please go to the members page and add a new quote for January If you are not yet on the list, there are instructions on the page for how to be added.

To access the members page, click "Members" in the Ani-Pock Network Browser at the top of your screen.

Looking forward to some great quotes!

Poll Survey!!

Hiyo!~ 'Tis Rin and today I have created a poll about the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese Zodiac consists of 12 animals where each animal circulates every 12 years. The animals are as follows: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and the Boar. Your Chinese Zodiac is based on the year you were born. You can find out the characterisics of each sign at the folliwing link: What my Chinese sign means! Anyway, the other day the chat got talking about their Chinese Zodiac's and I was curious to see out of everyone here what the most popular Chinese Zodiac sign is, so I made this poll. Hopefully, it works alright. ^^; So ENJOY!! XD

For Poll: Select here!

To see the results go here: Results

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reveal the Ani-Pock Community: Meta!!

Pocky here!! Thanks for the fun questions on the last episode. Today we are goign to continue Rin's game!

Our contestant today is: Meta!

So how do you play?
Here is a recap of Rin's rules!:
Every week a member is selected from the Ani-Pock Memberlist and it will be posted who that member is, then everyone else can comment under the post any questions that they want to ask about that member, but please keep in mind to keep the questions decent, undecent questions will be deleted.

So lets get to it! Ask Meta questions!!

Previous contestants: Pocky Moonlight Celley Rin

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Daruma! =O

Meyume here!

Well, since in the beggining I had made a audio recording, and I needed to use the secret flash player, but didnt have the skills to get it on here! XD
So, its a bit late, but this was for the new years, and I hope you enjoy (might be choppy/gross?), and thank you to Pocky who helped me with the code for nooooooooooo costs whats-so-ever. =3

INFORMATION(that Meyume didnt mention):
Daruma Dolls
Okiagari Koboshi (Tumbler Doll)

One of the most popular talismans of good luck in modern Japan is the armless, legless, and eyeless Daruma doll, or tumbler doll. Sold at temple festivals and fairs, the dolls are typically made of papier-mache, and painted red. When knocked on its side, the doll pops back to the upright position (hence "tumbler" doll, or "okiagari koboshi"). The doll comes in many sizes, normally a bit larger than a basketball. While most of the Daruma dolls are male, some Japanese localities have female daruma ("ehime daruma" or "princess daruma").

Update: Kami sent in his Daruma!

waka laka host clubness!!! <3 rena

ello ani-pock, this is Rena!!! so everyone here knows the anime host club, yesh? well you should if ya don't =O .this is an awsome hyper-active amv for it someone made to the song waka laka. it's a song meant for ddr so yes, it does wunna make you dance, neh? <^-^>hope you all enjoy it, it's the best one ever!!!!!! <^0^> waka laka make you fly ~o^hehe


Furuba Love! XD A Humorous AMV

Ah that Shigure! XD What a tease. Hi all, this is Rin with your weekly AMV. Finally, some Shigure attention! It's all about Kyo and Yuki from "Fruits Basket", but not anymore. This delves into the clever, charismatic, and smooth character of Shigure even hints at some darker attributes. I hope the year of the dog people are happy! If there are any dogs here...hrmmmm. *thinks about everyone's chinese sign*

Tease MEH!

Luv always,

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