Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AMV Hell

As you may know, AMV Hell 3, the highly acclaimed "granddaddy of anime music videos", became an internet sensation after its release in 2005. It has inspired other AMV-ers highly and totally rewrote the AMV genre by being longer than most AMVs, using clips of whole AMVs and songs instead of the whole song, using various different formats by which to present the series of short clips, having fans send in their own AMV clips to put into the final product, and it actually being a good AMV!

It's kinda like a tasty, stone soup AMV. If you haven't yet watched it you really should.

Production started recently on the sequel to the last AMV Hell episode. So for those of you have been waiting, I have here the trailer for...

Anime Music Video Hell 3 II:

...Long title, I know.

LOL, more cowbell, ne?

Well, the trailer may not be anything "special", but there is some additional news. The producers of AMV Hell have been accepting entries for their sequel for quite some time. If you have an AMV you would like to submit, the AMVH team is still collecting entries before their August 1, 2007 deadline.

But that's not all. If you are familiar with AMV Hell 0, there's a rumor circulating that there will be an AMV Hell -1 following the same format (if you know what I mean by "format"). *Winks and nudges*

If you want to see a hosted version of AMVH3 (part 1 of... 7 ^_^;), here is a link. For more information on AMV Hell, visit the website.

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