Friday, November 24, 2006

Anime Kip is Watching: Uninhabited Planet Survival

Alright, just so that you don't have to stare at Vince Vaughn any longer (or is it he that stares at you? ~_< )I thought I would talk about an anime I caught recently.

NHK's Uninhabited Planet Survival (Mujin Wakusei Survive) takes place in the 22nd century, where casual trips to other planets, living in space colonies, and having a robotic pet or two, are all in the norm.

Luna, the lead character in this anime, has just begun her first day at her new school. In her first class the teacher proclaims that the class will be taking an interplanetary field trip to a planet being prepared to terraform.

When the ship carrying Luna and several of her classmates encounters a gravity storm, the entire ship heads to the onboard escape pods (just in case).

Luna's pod accidentally gets disengaged from the ship and they soon crash land on...

See episode one (part one of three) here, from YouTube:

All in all it has some unforgettable characters, reallllly good cliffhangers, and a great message at the end. It's sort of like LOST meets... Lost in Space XD. I recommend it to all of Ani-Pock!

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At Nov 26, 2006, 5:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vince has a very small nose! XDDD


At Nov 29, 2006, 4:51:00 AM, Anonymous Rin said...

<< lol....KIPPERS this is a fun anime I watched episodes 1 and 2! How old is this anime, the animation style is well...seems older...but I really do love it! I wish I had a robot neko that would make me breakfast and she's so cute! hmm, I'm going out on a limb but will there be a love match between Luna and Kaoru? Hrmmmm? XD Anyway, thanks for more animeeee. <3333


At Nov 29, 2006, 12:29:00 PM, Blogger Kip said...

No secrets! XD
It very much reminds me of a eighties cartoon what with the clothing styles, the funny hair styles, the way some scenes look, stereotypical eighties oversized comical glasses on some characters, Chako is a like a mash of several cartoon animals I used to know, things like that. But it's new from 2003.
Oh, and as I told Hullo in the forums, "I was beginning to wonder if it would end with one of those Gi-Joe or Inspector Gadget style life lessons." XD

I'm glad you like it.


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