Saturday, December 16, 2006

Krispy Kreme comes to Japan

(Via Japanprobe) Here’s a report on the store from Real Time News earlier this week:

According to Dani over at Random Musings From Tokyo, Krispy Kreme was offering 50 dozen free donuts over the next year to the first customer who bought a doughnut on opening day.

Thats 600 doughnuts!!

The report was filmed before the official opening day, so the reporter was given a special sneak preview of the store. Of particular interest was Krispy Kreme’s famous original glazed donut, which has recipe that only a handful of people on earth know. One of the men who knows the super-secret recipe, Jim Smith, was on hand to help the Japanese store staff prepare their initial batch of doughnuts. After a few tries, they are able to make doughnuts that are up to Jim’s standards, so they decide to go out on the streets and give out free boxes of doughnuts to passerbys. A huge line of interested people quickly formed, obviously happy to get their hands on a free box of thickly-glazed doughnuts. The news casters seemed to have bought into the hype by basically endorsing the new product by gorging down on them in the studio.

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