Friday, January 26, 2007

Ranma 1/2 -----> DoCo

So, this manga, called Ranma 1/2 was made by Rumiko Takahashi (well known for later creating 'Inuyasha,' later on), and was an instant hit. Soon enough, it was made into an anime!

The main male character, Ranma, was previously engaged to Akane, the main female character. When doused with cold water, Ranma turns into a girl, and the opposite effect with hot water (he was origionally male). So, its this great, yet, extremly odd story, and while the manga is great with artwork, the anime is a bit different. =/
Also, as Pocky likes to think, since this anime/manga is old, its no good. >=O

Anyway, since the book and the show were a hit, the main female voice acters began to sing, creating the Ranma 1/2 band, DoCo. <---- They dont form a band in the book nor the show, its just an add on for entertainment.

Singers (for character names):
Ranma [girl version, red hair]
Akane [short, poofy-ish blue-black hair]
Kasumi [long hair tied back loosly]
Nabiki [short, straight brown hair]
Shampoo [long blue-purple hair]

Enjoy! I really like the singing, and the art is alright. =3

By the way, Kasumi (oldest), Nabiki (mid.), and Akane (youngest) are sisters. =O

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At Jan 26, 2007, 9:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OLD!! I used to actually watch this when I was a kid.
Ofcourse they formed a band look at the voice talent.
I like the songs too... SHHH!

Megumi Hayashibara, who might be the most well known seiyuu's (since '86) plus a singing career.
Noriko Hidaka who's done it all from theatre to video games.
Minami Takayama of Two-Mix (Gundam Wing series).
Kikuko Inoue, who also part of the Goddess Family Club.
Rei Sakuma who is famous for being Batako in "Soreike! Anpanman". (I'll send pocky a picture for those who don't recognize the name).


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