Saturday, April 21, 2007

Anime Kip is Watching: Nerima Daikon Brothers / Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

You trust Kip to make good anime choices. You like Kip's anime choices. That's why you will watch Nerima Daikon Brothers!

It's another hit from Nabeshin (I really have to wonder if that fro is for real), this series is 15% a Blues Brothers anime, 56% Excel Saga if it were a musical, 74% lewd visual puns and jokes involving daikon (Japanese radishes), and 100% funny!

This series is on shelves to buy now, and is incredibly fun to watch! The R1 release dubbers made sure to re-do the songs so the characters not only speak English, but sing it as well. Most dubs today don't do that! This makes it a real treat to watch either the dub or the sub version!

Nabeshin's latest project is something worth looking at too, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge, or Perfect Girl Evolution. It follows a young girl who is... socially awkward, and four boys who have to transform her into a beautiful young lady at the request of their landlord, "Obasan" (or Auntie), or else their rent triples! The problem is this girl is sooo creepy even the guys have problems socializing with her.

A couple of thoughts on the latter series:
Although the animation makes it looks like a shojo series (after the manga The Wallflower, from which it was adapted), YNS seems to really make fun of the genre... In the broadest sense of the term, would that make it a bishonen series? Technically...
Seriously, do shojo anime really have these many nosebleeds?

Also, after a few episodes pass, the female lead character, Sunako, spends most of the series in her chibi form. How can I do that!?!

This series is still being broadcast in Japan.

Here are links to the opening themes:

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