Thursday, June 07, 2007

Anime North: Ever been to a Con?

:D Who is that cute thing on the left? Hmm?

Many of you went to a anime convention once in your life. If not, shame on you(Hurry up and go to one). It's fun and yet scary place. In a anime conventions there are panels, where we anime freaks watch or talk about anime/japanese related topics, sometimes you can find some American made cartoons. BUT! The one thing that everyone comes for is the: Dealer's Room. This is where us anime fans go to buy anime crap, yes, crap. From cheap manga to those damn 5 inch lolita shoes(so expensive*cry*) to plushies. Aside from all that there is the people. The people of this conventions dress up in cosplays! Even I had some random outfits on. When I went there so many people were wearing costumes, they were half done, crappy looking or amazing good. I have come across some nice looking cosplays. Some are quite...scary and disturbing. Seriously, why would a old fat man be wearing nothing but spandex underwear cosplaying as a westler. Though there was this cool Zabuza(Naruto) who had his sword. It was HUUUGE! Amazing really, some ninjas stole it from him. (Heh) This picture below I thought was kickass, when though my father took the picture and I wasn't even there to see it. xD But I did see them at the con a few times.

Now. Enjoy a very very crappy verison of Haruhi Dance. Atleast they tryed right?

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