Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Japan’s cutest character! As designed by committee

FROM: whatjapanthinks.com:

At the weekend トリビアの泉, Trivia no Izumi, Fount of Trivia looked at that most vital of questions, what is cuteness. They gathered together five top researchers in the field who spent seven hours designing the ultimate in cuteness. This character was passed on to the chief Hello Kitty designer for final touch up and presentation to the world.

But before we get to that, they also surveyed the public to find out what they thought Japan’s cutest character was.

5. DoCoMoDaKe

The main character for NTT DoCoMo’s mobile phones, which I personally don’t particularly like, although I do have a mobile phone strap somewhere that I got free from DoCoMo.

4. Rilakkuma

A San-X character, Sanrio for “adults”. I think he’s extremely cute myself, and in fact my mobile phone wallpaper is him in the bath with his friend and a couple of birds.

3. Hello Kitty

The cutest kitten in Japan and she can only make number three?

2. Mickey Mouse

Can’t stand the rat myself.

1. Pooh Bear

Or Winnie the Pooh, if like me you grew up on the A.A. Milne tales illustrated by Ernest H. Shepherd long before I ever saw the Disney makeover. It was the Disney image that was selected, but I’m a traditionalist so you’ll have to make do with real bear of very little brain.

So, back to the cutest character by committee: the result of the research was this wee sparrow desperate to be hugged:

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At May 16, 2007, 2:36:00 AM, Blogger Kami... said...

The DoCoMo shroom is quite popular... even those not sporting DoCoMo phones have them...
I personally don't have one... but I did enjoy the many commericals with the shroom play various sports against people... and loosing. :P

Pooh's quite popular all over the place and dressed for many occasions.
I have a little Pooh in a Boar costume for the New Year that passed.

I'm surprised my MonokuRo Boo pig (Mochi and Mushu) isn't up on that list!
It was hard to find a car that Didn't have a Pig in the window...
But perhaps it's a seasonal fad that was for the New Year.

Anything that has a cute mascot is almost certain to have boosted sales.

At May 16, 2007, 7:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rilakkuma! I have a keyring of him, it's so cute XD he's in a honey jar, and you make him pop out and he's holding cute lil knifes and forks and is dribbling <3 YAY FOR HELLO KITTY 8D

At May 16, 2007, 8:40:00 AM, Blogger Kip said...

I've got to butch you up Pocky...

At May 16, 2007, 9:12:00 AM, Blogger Pocky said...

eh eh eh you didn't already post that did you kip ???

At May 17, 2007, 7:10:00 AM, Blogger Kip said...

No, I just think you need an injection of "manly".


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