Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Starlight Moonlight AMV

Hi Hi this is Rose and while on youtube I found this amv that I really liked the first time I watched it.

The song in the amv is called Starlight ni Kisu Shite which I think translates to Hero Kiss the Starlight according to and (on another site it translates to Kissing in the Starlight). The song is preformed by the japanese voice actress of Sailor Jupiter Shinohara Emi.

Anyhoo, I thought you'd like this amv because its a really pretty song plus the amv doesn't cover just one anime. The song fits the amv perfectly in my opinion. Enjoy this and let this also serve as a stress reliever for those who are taking exams!

Update #1: (Please note the amv is mixed anime!) The song title Starlight ni Kisu Shite translates to Kissing the Starlight as I found out from Purly. Thanks for pointing this out!

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