Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pay it Forward>>>

Several residents of a Japanese apartment complex are beginning to speak out about what has been placed in their mailboxes.
No, it's not bills or mis-deliveries of packages...

This is a bit bigger.

How about 1.81 million yen?

"The money was in identical plain envelopes, which were unsealed and carried no names or messages," a police spokesman said on the money, which was found in eighteen mailboxes in the apartment buildings.
Residents feared counterfeit bills and called the police, but discovered that the bills were in fact real.

It is suspected that this occurrence may be related to similar strings of money "droppings" around Japan: in public building restrooms, other mailboxes, and even from the sky.

Some envelopes come with a message inside telling recipients to 'do good deeds with the money'.

Read the article here.
For a currency converter go here.

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