Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coming to Theatres: The Machine Girl

I'm am now accepting comments as to why this is an awesome movie.

Oh, there are trailers out there. But they're so gratuitously gory (and awesome), that I just don't think we should put them up here.
Here's a link to one at least.
Don't say I didn't warn you (about the awesomeness).

Apparently we have a movie about a girl whose family and boyfriend is killed by the Yakuza. They take her arm as well, upon which she places the implement of her revenge, a machine gun.
Yep, it certainly sounds Robert Rodriguez-esque, but this film goes deeper in the world of strange weaponry and (awesome) bloody violence. Think live-action anime, with plenty of cheezy effects.

The lead actress is the beautiful Minase Yashiro. Prior to this, her claim to fame was, well, dirty films, so... this is a step up?

I'm willing to bet it will be a terrible and formulaic movie, but I think it will do well at the box office. I mean, look at the film poster!
The movie is due out next year.

Visit DannyChoo.com for more info. Yes, they have the trailer too.

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