Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let The Games Begin!


-All participating members that wish ti be considered for point tabulation MUST have their answer in no later than the proposed due date, and must be sent to LordZaku@ani-pock.net for Zaku's questions, or Kip's email for Kip's questions!
-One submission per participant, if there are more than two answers (this means question + bonus) will void the submission, and you will be forfeit from that round.
-Submissions are awarded points when the correct submissions are gathered, a random submission shall be chosen from those that are correct, that person will be given their points!
-Best of luck everyone! (look and listen for updates on the voice center!)

Level System:

The system grows increasingly difficult as the rounds progress. Levels change when two rounds have been completed out of that specific level. The levels are as such:

-Epic Pocker

Points / Leader Board:

Points increase by level, the harder the question, the more points it is worth overall. (Bonus questions are worth double, unless stated otherwise) The points are broken down as follows:

Beginner - 1 point per answer, bonus 2
Easy - 2 points per answer, bonus 4
Medium - 3 points per answer, bonus 6
Hard - 4 points per answer, bonus 8
Heroic - 8 points per answer, bonus 10
~Epic Pocker - 12 points per answer, bonus 14~

The leader board keeps track of the top 15 participants. Participants with lower than 8 points at the end of 5 rounds (3 levels) are taken out of the game.

Zaku's Resurrection Phial - brings a participant back into the game after answering a skill testing question, be it anime, a Pocker, or a general question. Player comes back with 8 points, or half of what the leader currently has.

Kip's Judgment - a question that will break a tie in the event of one. This question will be submitted by the participants taken out of the game, the top voted question by Kip will be used in the Judgment.

The first questions w/Bonus!

1) This character becomes the leader of the only neutral nation, she is also the sunshine girl for the same nation. What nation / faction and character is being described. Hint: Gundam, Only character that seems to lack berserk.

2) This character appears somewhat late in the series, but spices up the life, and adds to some of the blunt humor of the series. This character is also famous for a lack of clothing. Hint: Bleach


-This anime can often be confused on youtube for an automotive sport track. Hint: Think back pretty far.

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