Sunday, April 06, 2008

And Musicians 'Kool and the Gang' Made the Car Wash Sound Fun...

Kip here with another excellent and picture-filled post.
I hope it turns out looking better than the last one did...

I believe I have discovered the most awesome stylus game, ever! At least the best game in a decade. And you thought Cooking Mama was great! Check out 13-year-old's Hello Work DS!

Look counterclockwisedly from the left. You can try your hand at a plethora of jobs that one would find in real life! Not just Half-Life 4*!

  • You can be a profession near and dear to my heart: a TV news reporter. Or the fellow putting out the fire behind her, even!
  • Or soccer player.
  • And... dog washer... groomer...
  • ... I really don't know what's going on in that last pic...
The stylus is implemented so that you can perform on-screen tasks, like pointing and firing the hose just right to douse that towering inferno. Or you can follow the musical notes to-

-Gasp! VOCALOID2's Hatsune Miku! What are you doing in this game?

Oh, Miss Miku, you are ever so clever at music making. I think this could be the start of a very excellent career. And, my, that tie matches the color of your eyes so beautifly, like the sky on-

Gar! The music is displeasing to her!!! You'll never be a pop-singer! Run away! *Sob!* What have you done!?!

...So, essentially, you play as the above pictured Katou Miku (surname first, so as not to confuse you) who... travels back in time from the future... to... give you career options... via your portable gaming device.

Woah, what's going on there?

...Anyway, pick this one up definitely, and not just for the simulated pop diva guest appearances!

Read more here and here, but not here.

*Some portions of this game used to recruit people to Black Mesa.

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At Apr 10, 2008, 11:47:00 AM, Blogger Purly said...

I'm SO getting this when it comes out! <3333 YAY making music, and YAY Hatsune Miku~! <3333


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