Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rena's Sakura-Con 2008 Report

Sakura-Con is an annual three-day anime convention held during March or April at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. Sakura-Con is sponsored by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA).

Ok so Rena went to sakuracon all weekend and had a BLAST (kaboom~!) on friday we spent most of the day spending all of our money on posters and books in the shopping center, and around lunch time we met a group of cosplayers from alll kinds of anime and hung out with them. they became our group of friends for the weekend, and we stuck with them the whole time so we wouldn't get lost.

In the pics, there's a buncha Wolfwoods with giant crosses, that's rena's brother! =D and also a lot of sanzo (sp) from rurouni kenshin with a 13 1/2 foot sword, that's our friend kyle who came along with us. they turned out to be celebrities! o.o we couldn't walk 10 feet (im' not exaggerating) without someone asking for a photo, so after about 5 hours of crossing a hall, we ditched them.

Saturday night from 9 till around 2 am there was a rave, and we got a buncha glowsticks, and rena got to rave with about 4 kakashis and a bakura and countless other anime cosplayers XD it was awsome. after the rave we met up with our group of people (which had grown to about 30 regulars) and played hacky sac for a few hours

Then on the way to the hotel my brother got us lost so we didn't get there until around 3 in the morning (wayyyy after it closed) then we woke up at 10ish and went back for sunday, the last day of the con to say byebye to everyone. i got tons of emails and phone numbers, and jeeze, i dunno what to was SO FUN. oh yah, saturday was my friend Sophia's (nekomomo) birthday,
she said it was the best ever cuz saturday afternoon we got a cake, went into the main hall and got about 200 cosplayers to sing happy birthday to her. she was so embarrassed X3 hmm...what else...

Oh! if you're on youtube and you find a video that says something like "sakuracon 08 cosplayers dancing to thriller,caramelldansen and hare hare yukai," please tell me cuz we're in it's a big group XD ummm not much else to say, i'll probably be inviting everyone i met onto ani-pock if they're not too busy with school, so watch out for new members.

Thanks Rena! Sakura Con looks fantastic! Will definitely have to check it out sometime!

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At Apr 2, 2008, 7:12:00 PM, Blogger Pocky said...

Awesome pictures Rena! Thanks for posting them!

At Apr 6, 2008, 8:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay sakura con!
can't wait for next year. ^-^


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