Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update: Just what is going on?

This post evolved out of an intro to an editorial I hope to launch tomorrow sometime.
For some reason the post got really long and the intro no longer matched what I intended the editorial to be about, so I hacked 'em apart, and here the first part is.
Just a recap of Japan news, actually.

At any rate... news is slow.

Nothing is going on in the anime blogosphere. And with this summer's showings it's no wonder why. Everything was the same tune from blog to blog. Same for this fall. Just a smattering of hits.
Nothing is going on in anime news in general. Things are looking repetative. The same news that occured last year is happening this year: which studio is closed, this director is the next Makoto Shinkai, new EVA movie, Goro is no Hayao, this popular anime gets an OVA, Aya Hirano, this popular OVA based on a manga gets a series, anime to live action adaptation, Aya Hirano...
It seems that the only news happening is coming from Japan, and it's not even anime related!
Why just within a month I can list all of the really important stories that I wasn't around to blog about! And believe me, Kami keeps me updated on the things I'm to busy to write about!

Let's see:
First, and most important, Japan elected a new Prime Minister, and it was my pick for office, Taro Aso! Yes, the manga guy. He was sworn in September 25.
Ichigo Suzuki, MLB all-star-or-soon-to-be-if-he-isn't, made a record 200-hit season, for the eighth straight season in a row, which occured on September 18. (Okay, not technically news from Japan, but whatever.)
Tomoji Tanabe, the worlds oldest man (named so after the death of a 138 year-old man this August!?) turned 113 on September 18.
Last week, an electronics company developed HAL 9000! But don't worry, they're only bio-boosted legs. See related post here.

Thank you, Kami. Once again you're a classy guy, with all of this news!

So, wherever I was going with this, tomorrow I should have the other half of my editorial completed. It's ready to read, I just need to put the finishing touches on it.

Secretly, I think bloggers on the site get a kick out of seeing me write a post over a week, save it to the post board, and publish it after it's sat practically completed for a couple of days, until I come back and rewrite it... Either way, here she is, er, part one!

Lots more cool stuff here!! Continue browsing...

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