Friday, April 10, 2009

North Korea's Test Flight?


Since I was still in Japan in 2006 when North Korea did their underground nuclear test (don't get me started on that), and their launches into the sea... I got a lot of info from the news, few teachers... and then additional from Mainichi and then Wiki to look up dates and additional back story... 
I might've been on the more lower Eastern side (Mie)... but it was quite real to see school wasn't starting on time and you turn on the Television to find out why... 

Not many in North America seem to really know much of the story because it isn't much of a threat... "What North Korea grumbling about this time?" *click*

With the fall of the Agreed Framework in 2003 (with USA declaring DPRK a terrorist state) and KEDO stopping its operations in early 2006... What was left for North Korea?

During 2006 when North Korea made their underground tests and launches into the sea, sanctions were imposed, but they did get their recognition... talks were in place.

North Korea was to rejoin the NPT and once again start to dismantle in exchange for the energy compensation that was supposed to come from KEDO... among other things...

Things were going slowly, but progress was being made. Plants were being shut down, Japan received SOME information on past kidnappings, and in Oct 11, 2008, North Korea was removed from the list of Terrorist states.

So... What happened?
Not long before that, (after a lot of pressure from the USA) during the NSG meeting, India was granted a waiver for nuclear trade with willing countries, and in Oct 8, 2008 US Congress signed a deal with India.

Why...?  Why Not?

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