Monday, April 07, 2008

Anime Kip... Started Watching Today: Tower of Druaga

Don't take this anime seriously for a minute! It's:

The Tower of Druaga!

And it's like... Scrapped Princess, meets The Slayers, meets the first episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, meets your favorite MMORPG.


Well take a look (all optimized quality and full length even!):

This is an anime with classic hilarity. From the taboo phrase, "I plan to return to my hometown and get married," that gets the speaker inevitably killed, to how casual acquaintances and even enemies are somehow lifelong friends worth fighting for in the main character's mind, to the scene where... how should I explain it... well, a monster, that seems to have many appendages, or tentacles, if you will... that attacks a certain female member of the party, and... how the characters proceed to just watch from the side for a while, before finally attacking.

But the thing about it is... by the end of the episode, things will be completely different. That's why I said to think of it as simply the first episode of SHnY; a completely separate storyline from the rest of the series.

Oh, and plus, the guy totally mentions my last post on here in the last one second of the anime! XD

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